I wanted to send you a pic from [my son's] last day of school. And Thank you for everything this year. He has changed so much and come along even more. Thank you from both of us.


Making the initial decision to start counseling is difficult, but Brett's support and understanding made the process painless. Since working with him, I have gotten a much firmer grasp on controlling my depression and anxiety, accrued valuable tools for improving my personal relationships, and generally begun to feel like my emotional life is far less cluttered. His self-realization approach to therapy has shown me just how much control I have over various components of my mental health, and I highly recommend his services!


Wether you have hit rock bottom or just need someone to vent to, Brett is your guy. Not only has he helped me with improving positive coping skills, he has only shown me a new prospective. The compassion Brett has for others is astounding. I’m so glad I took the first step by reaching out to him and starting therapy.


After my separation I was left hurt and confused. I felt like my life was falling apart and I needed to find help putting the pieces back together. I turned to INtreatment to find a therapist to help me figure out what was truly important to me and what was actually hurting me. I would recommend them to anyone who needing the same help and guidance that I received.


The [INtreatment] therapists are a blessing.


Customer Testimonials

These are all real testimonials from clients that have worked with therapists in our office. Out of respect for their privacy, only initials have been used as identification. They were asked if they wanted to say anything about the practice and perhaps help someone that is dealing with some difficult issues make the decision to reach out. These are the things that they had to say about us:

I have a teen aged daughter that has been suffering from anxiety since grade school. She seemed to be very happy and had friends. Slowly she started not wanting to “hang out” with her friends and even go to school. Luckily, she came to me for help. I spoke with her physician whom referred us to INtreatment. I have noticed a big difference, her anxieties are decreasing, she self-advocates for herself and looks forward to going to school again. I am so glad that we contacted Brett and INtreatment as she is starting to enjoy her life again.
    – DB


Counseling has helped me identify the issues that my children are going through or struggling with, and apply a different perspective and action, than I would have on my own. INTREATMENT (Mr. Brett) has helped my children by being a trusted friend that will address ongoing challenges as they arise. Mr. Brett talks to them at their individual levels and helps them deal with their fears and concerns, and even some behavioral things that need to be addressed, in order to help them process it in a way they can understand. I’m grateful for the help Mr. Brett/INTREATMENT has provided to my children.
    – AR


I was hesitant to seek help during a major life changing event because of my previous (negative) experience with therapy but made my appointment with Paige anyway. She was relatable and empathetic. She helped me gain my confidence back and find happiness again. I will always be grateful for INtreatment!
    – AC


About 10 months ago I reached out to INtreatment because I felt like life just wasn’t life, after me and my wife separated. Within a few months, Brett has helped me (as funny as it sounds) see the beauty in life. Although, my marriage couldn’t be saved, I was able to gain a positive outlook on my life. Work, kids, mothers of my daughters, a failed marriage will bring any man down to a place he does not want to be. I am thankful for Brett and INtreatment in my new way of thinking which brought happiness in my life!
    – MD


My therapy with Brett has been invaluable. I had come to Brett after a relapse looking for a different view on addiction and what it means to me at a later stage in life. After 10 years of sobriety I still had a lot of questions. Brett took a no-nonsense look at the motivations that drive me in my behavior and how I react to them, as well as the pattern that consciously or unconsciously were present. He has become my life coach/therapist for we search for a more genuine existence for me. After six months of introspection, skills coaching and exercises I feel like I am constantly building on daily successes and I'm experiencing a life that is much more full filing and richer than I had previously. Sure, I don't feel happy every minute and have just as many ups and downs as the next person, but I now have tools to deal with them. I am very grateful for all that Brett has done for me.
    – RM


Brett has been absolutely essential in helping me start to deal with my issues. Issues that i didn't even know were issues, he has brought to the surface and helped me manage them. The best part about therapy with Brett is he is 100% no fluff, no b.s., all honesty. I feel like I can tell him anything, but he won't let me get away with the easy route. Highly recommended.
    – JL


Brett Gorby helped me through a difficult time in my life. He took the time to listen and to get to know me. He was never judgmental, and I grew to trust he really cared about me. Brett was committed to helping me, inspiring me to be able to better understand my situation and gave me the tools to overcome the emotions of the situation. Life is not always easy and if I were to find I need someone to talk to again, I won’t hesitate to call Brett.
    – JB


Have worked with Brett on and off for a while now and he has been able to help me understand why I am doing the things that I am doing. I really feel like that he can help me understand myself so much better and that allows me to change – not feeling judged is the best feeling.
    – AC


I had never been to therapy before, but when I started having depression and anxiety, I contacted INtreatement, and I'm so glad I did. Paige helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. She validated my feelings when I needed it and challenged me when I needed that. And when other my family members needed therapy, I sent them to Paige too.
    – JH


For me: It wasn’t easy for me to take the first step to get counseling. However, I did it because 1) I realized I was stuck in the same repeating pattern. 2). I don’t do well with asking others for help. I didn’t like feeling like a drain around my friends because I was always talking to them about my situation. A trained counselor is an unbiased source, which helps pull you up vs. you feeling like you’re pulling someone down with you. And, sometimes you may be getting the same advice from friends and family which just really isn’t helpful. Having an experienced counselor in your corner can really help you view the situation a different way and develop steps to help you move forward. And INTREATMENT did exactly that for me. If you’re stuck, don’t hesitate. They’ll be there to help you work through it. I’m very thankful.
    – AR


Since working with Brett, I have been able to really focus on the things in my life that make me happy. I was so depressed, I couldn’t get out of bed but now I am enjoying my family again every day. I am going to work consistently and starting to look forward to things again. He has really given me the confidence to be myself again.
    – RA


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